USACE ECB 2018-15 Technical Lead for E&C Deliverables -- Category: Directive and Policy  

Change / Revision Date: 

This directive continues the requirements set forth in previous guidance (Ref. g), which are currently being written into permanent USACE policy (Refs. b, c, d and e).

Technical Lead responsibilities are assigned to one member of the PDT that serves as the proponent for the project’s technical quality. The TL is not a new position and its roles should be performed by current personnel within USACE Districts’ and Centers’ organizational structure (e.g. design managers, senior designers, subject matter experts).

The TL roles do not overlap those of the Project Manager (PM). This policy establishes a consistent delineation between project management and technical quality responsibilities, and reinforces the need for the TL and PM to collaborate with each other and the rest of the PDT.