USACE ECB 2017-25 Annual Support to National Engineers Week -- Category: Information  


This Engineering and Construction Bulletin (ECB) provides information on the expectations for Engineering and Construction (E&C) at HQUSACE and in field activities related to the recognition of National Engineers Week (NEW). As the Nation’s premier public engineering organization, USACE seeks to participate in NEW activities to the extent possible, given limitations based on work load, authorities, and volunteer availability (particularly with those associated with allowable Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities). However, given those constraints, USACE has a strong tradition of volunteer outreach, promotion of the engineering profession, and continual investment in technical competence. This ECB provides information to clarify intended outcomes, roles and responsibilities, resources for NEW that are supported by HQUSACE and provided to field offices for their determination of level of participation in any given year.