USACE Autodesk Civil 3D Template v3.2  


The Purpose

Virtual Modeling in the civil works environment is critical for the success of projects. Civil Information Modeling (CIM) is a process that allows users to directly link existing information into a design model and more accurately represent the project and provide analytical feedback for the design.

The Process

A properly prepared template assists the designers with the processes of incorporating existing data (LIDAR, survey, maps, CAD files, imagery), developing the design, and creating construction documentation. From the initial survey to the project layout to the final design and documentation it will save time and effort by having standards built up to meet current national CAD standards.

The Payoff

A project’s documentation will be consistent and will flow out of the design process instead of being a complete separate process. This allows changes to occur without introducing major risk of errors through human duplication of data. Multiple types of data can be incorporated together and used in the design analysis. Special adaptions of the data can be made quickly because the standard settings are in place and can be copied and modified on the fly.

These documents are available in the following format:
 Adobe Acrobat (PDF)  |   CAD (DWT) in compressed ZIP

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