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Standard Designs provide functional and spatial requirements for specific Air Force facility types and are intended for use in conjunction with DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS), Air Force Corporate Facilities Standards (AFCFS), Installation Facilities Standards (IFS), and other applicable standards, codes, and regulations. These are living documents that are periodically reviewed, updated and made available to users by posting them here on the Whole Building Design Guide. It is important to note when a standard design was published to understand the version of the UFC/UFGS/policy that would have been incorporated in the development. If there is a conflict between the standard design and any applicable UFC/UFGS/policy, those documents take precedence based the standard design publication date. Interactive programming worksheets are available on most standard designs to assist with programming. Please note that the interactive programming worksheets do not set space requirements. Space requirements are set by AFMAN 32-1084, Facility Requirements Standards.

See also Policy On Use Of Air Force Corporate Facility Standards And Standard Designs.

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