U.S. Air Force Surgeon General / AFMS Interior Design Standards, Volume 3  


The purpose of this document is to provide furniture criteria that are to be implemented at all medical facilities for the United States Air Force. This performance criteria is to aid in the selection and procurement of furniture products. This document is for medical branch facilities personnel, purchasers, design professionals, general contractors, and anyone procuring furniture for the United States Air Force Medical Branch Facilities. The criteria will be used to establish the quality standards, aid personnel in writing Best Value Determination Forms (BVD’s) and Sole Source Justification letters.

The furniture in this document can be found in a broad range of spaces within medical facilities; from administrative areas to hospital patient rooms. The performance criteria are to provide a minimum performance standard that each product must meet. The manufacturer specifications included are examples, but not limited to, that meet the required performance criteria for each category presented within this document. These manufacturers are recommended for use in the product category in which they are included.

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Federal Facility Criteria: