Continuing Education  

Welcome to the WBDG continuing education section. The courses featured offer an introduction to Whole Building Design concepts as well as more specific applications for design objectives, building types, and operations and maintenance.

Distance education is an effective and convenient way for architecture, engineering, building design, and facility management professionals to gain valuable knowledge about Whole Building Design while earning continuing education credits.

Course Catalog

Below is a catalog of available courses. Click the 'Title' heading to sort by ascending or descending order. In addition, narrow the list by selecting a sponsor or topic category from the drop-downs and clicking 'Apply'.

AIA AIA Learning Units (LUs)
GBCI USGBC GBCI Continuing Education Hours (CEs)
IACET FEMP IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
PDH Professional Development Hours
ICC ICC Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Title Sponsor Duration
Selecting, Implementing, and Funding Photovoltaic Systems in Federal Facilities FEMP 3.5 Hours AIA GBCI IACET
Site Security Design Process and Strategies WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA
Strategic Energy Management with 50001 Ready: How and Why to Pursue an Energy Management System FEMP 1 Hour
Strategies for Sustainable Historic Preservation WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA GBCI
Sustainable Acquisition for Federal Agencies FEMP 2 Hours AIA GBCI IACET
Sustainable Institutional Change for Federal Facility Managers FEMP 3 Hours AIA GBCI IACET
Sustainable Roofing Design Considerations and Applications WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA GBCI
Sustainable Strategies for Existing Federal Facilities FEMP 3.5 Hours AIA GBCI IACET
Technical Resilience Navigator: Energy & Water Resilience Planning to Support Agency Missions FEMP 4 Hours IACET
The Integrated Design Process WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA
The Principles and Process for Conducting a Life-Cycle Cost Analysis WBDG 1 Hour AIA
Transforming Research Labs (Part I) FEMP 1.5 Hours IACET
Transforming Research Labs Part II FEMP 1.5 Hours IACET
Transitioning to the 2018 50001 Standard FEMP 45 Minutes
Using Effective Water Management to Build Resilience FEMP 1.5 Hours IACET
Using Metered Data to Improve Energy and Water Efficiency FEMP 1 Hour AIA IACET
Utility Energy Service Contracts and Energy Project Incentive Funds FEMP 1.5 Hours IACET
Utility Green Tariff Programs FEMP 1 Hour
Water Management Basics FEMP 2 Hours AIA GBCI IACET
Whole Building Approach to Laboratories WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA
Window and Glazing Design Strategies for Sustainable Design WBDG 1.5 Hours AIA GBCI
Window Film Fundamentals WBDG 1 Hour AIA