Resilience Lessons from Department of Energy Sites  

Education Type: 
1.5 Hours
0.2 CEU

Laboratories face unique resilience challenges based on their missions, locations, and workforce composition. This 2020 Energy Exchange Extra session will explore cases from three Department of Energy national laboratories with different experiences in resilience. When Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was faced with unplanned power outages, it had to had to react quickly to implement a resilience strategy to maintain mission critical work. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve developed their resilience strategies using the Federal Energy Management Program's Technical Resilience Navigator. This session will explore how these sites addressed their resilience challenges and how their lessons learned can be applied to other labs.


John Elliott, Chief Sustainability Officer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Gabriel Adams, Program Manager, Sustainability, Environmental, and Sustainability Department, Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Jennifer Su-Coker, Pollution Prevention Program Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, attendees will be able to:

  • Know how the Technical Resilience Navigator can be used;
  • Identify the key characteristics needed for an integrated and successful resilience team;
  • Explore how to involve leadership in resilience planning; and
  • Identify how to integrate researchers into resilience planning.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: