Water Management Basics  

Education Type: 
2 Hours


AIA Learning Units: 
2 LU
0.3 CEU
2.0 CE
LEED Category: 
Water Efficiency
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DOE Federal Energy Management Program - FEMP

This course provides federal personnel with a concise introduction to federal water management. Learners are introduced to key topic areas including basic water management terminology, timeline of federal water mandates, overview of current E. O. 13693 provisions, the process of comprehensive water management, proven water conservation financing mechanisms and strategies. Learners are also offered the most current resources and training opportunities for further information and education.


Kate McMordie Stoughton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy   

Kate McMordie Stoughton is a water efficiency engineer with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, specializing in federal water management. Ms. Stoughton currently leads the water efficiency team for PNNL. In addition, Ms. Stoughton provides water management expertise to federal programs such as DOE Federal Energy Management Program Water Efficiency program, the Army, and General Services Administration. Ms. Stoughton's work includes the development of strategic plans for water management at federal sites, technology evaluations and demonstrations, training, and federal policy guidance in water management. Ms. McMordie holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Learning Objectives

By completing this course you will learn to:

  • Understand key water terminology, regulations, and federal compliance requirements;
  • Identify key elements of a facility water cycle and a water balance;
  • Identify and implement water management best practices; and
  • Fund water efficiency measures through alternative financing contracts.

NOTE: The executive order(s) cited in this course has/have been revoked and superseded by the latest executive order(s). For information on the latest federal energy and environmental policies, visit the Office of Federal Sustainability Council on Environmental Quality website.