T03-S09 Net Zero Buildings Design: Cost Effective and Sustainable for Retrofits and New Construction  

Education Type: 
Live On-Site
1 hour
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (ET)

Cincinnati, OH

0.2 CEU

Net Zero Energy buildings continue to be a critical component in our ability to maintain energy security and prevent harmful impacts to the client. Legislation and policy such as Executive Order 14057, which require Net Zero emissions buildings by 2045 and a 50 percent reduction by 2032 and the NDAA which requires 10% of major military installations to achieve energy net-zero by 2035 continue to help drive the way. These goals however, can only be accomplished through passive design optimization, reduced operational energy demand and the application and incorporation of new technologies and techniques. This training session will highlight some of the technologies and pathways implemented at both new and existing facilities to support their net zero vision.


Otto Van Geet, Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Phil Voss, Senior Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Don Horn, Deputy Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, General Services Administration

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session attendees will:

  • Identify what a net-zero building actually is;
  • Identify the legislation and executive orders driving net-zero buildings;
  • Identify paths to get to a net-zero building;
  • Recognize technologies that exist today to achieve net-zero buildings; and
  • Recognize differences in achieving net-zero for new vs. existing buildings.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: