T09-S08 Tools for Cybersecure Infrastructure and DER/DEG  

Education Type: 
Live On-Site
1 Hour
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM (MT)

Energy Exchange 2019
Denver, CO

0.10 CEU

This session will introduce several emerging tools for development of cybersecure energy infrastructure. NREL is developing the Distributed Energy Resources Cybersecurity Framework (DERCF) tool to help federal agencies mitigate gaps in their cybersecurity posture for distributed energy systems. Army has developed a new Tactical Micgrogrid standard that establishes criteria for cyber secure interoperability between various equipment vendors. The standard defines a technical architecture supporting a modular, cybersecure, highly cohesive system structure. A Facility Related Control System (FRCS) RMF self-assessment tool will be briefly introduced which streamlines the process to obtain the Authorization to operate (ATO).


Thomas A. Bozada, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Tami Reynolds, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this session attendees will:

  • Understand the new DERCF cybersecurity framework that will inform policies and controls for cyber governance, cyber-physical technical management, and physical security of distributed energy technologies at federal sites across the country;
  • Understand the importance of ensuring new on site distributed energy resources and distributed energy generation are protected from cyber intrusion;
  • Understand the new FRCS self-assessment tool that will identify a streamlined path to authorization to operate and get on site DER/DEG operating quicker than the 18 to 24 months current duration; and
  • Understand that an open protocol infrastructure can be achieved instead of the proprietary controls of individual equipment providers.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: