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DOD Unified Facilities Space Program Spreadsheets

These documents are available in the following formats: Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel (XLS)

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Title Date Downloads UFC/FC
Navy Operational Support Center Space Program 12-16-2014 Microsoft Excel 73 KB FC 4-171-06N
Family Services Center Space Program 04-07-2006 Microsoft Excel 115 KB UFC 4-730-01
Fire Stations Space Program 11-2013 Microsoft Excel 163 KB FC 4-730-10N
Fitness Space Program 09-17-2014 Microsoft Excel 649 KB FC 4-740-02N
FC 4-740-02F
Air Force Fitness Space Worksheet 09-30-2009 Microsoft Excel 3.9 MB
Air Force Fitness Space Finishes and Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Lists 09-30-2009 Microsoft Excel 54 KB
Youth Center Space Program 01-12-2006 Microsoft Excel 560 KB UFC 4-740-06
Child Development Center Space Program 04-01-2014 Microsoft Excel 64 KB FC 4-740-14N
Continuous Child Care Facilities Space Program 04-14-2011 Microsoft Excel 68 KB UFC 4-740-15
SSMC Space Program 05-25-2005 Microsoft Excel 54 KB UFC 4-740-16

Unified Facilities Sustainability Spreadsheets

Title Date Downloads UFC/FC
Family Housing 07-13-2006 Microsoft Excel 304 KB UFC 4-711-01