SpecsIntact for NMCI Users  

The current NMCI approved version of SpecsIntact (SI) is The latest web release of Specsintact, Version 4.6.1, is in the process of being approved by NMCI.

Known Issues

  1. In Masters, User receives an error when running bracket report. This issue is resolved in the SI 4.5.1 release.
  2. User is unable to open or print/publish from SpecsIntact and may receive a "Runtime 339" error; missing, damaged or invalid *.ocx files. Solution: Contact NMCI Service Desk and reference ticket SDW03981917 of problem and fix.
  3. When using the SI ThinApp version and publishing to Word, Users receive the error message: "EMET detected EAF mitigation and will close the application: WINWORD.EXE." The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) has affected a number of other applications and requires NMCI to fix the issue. Possible workaround is to use the approved version or the alternative version (4.5.1, which runs on top of the existing program) to publish to Word.

Alternative Update Options

Two options are available to run versions of SpecsIntact newer than the current NMCI approved version. Option 1 is for SI 4.5.1, and requires that an earlier version of SI already be installed on the machine. Option 2 is for SI 4.6.1, and does not require another installed version of SI.

  1. For users with NMCI installed SpecsIntact software:

    Download this file  from the SpecsIntact web site. This application runs on top of the existing SpecsIntact program.

    1. After downloading this .zip file, unzip the contents into your "Documents" folder ("My Documents" under Windows XP), open the SpecsIntact folder, and double click on the SpecsIntact.exe file to run it.
    2. Run this executable file each time you need to use this version of SpecsIntact.

    NOTE: Some SI functions may not work with this solution, and SpecsIntact must be installed for this to work.

  2. For users without an installed NMCI version of SpecsIntact:

    Users may obtain the SI 4.6.1 ThinApp version, which is available online  at the SpecsIntact website. This version of SpecsIntact runs in a virtual software environment, with access to SpecsIntact masters, jobs, working directories and settings. The use of the ThinApp application virtualization software is unnecessary for those who can run the NMCI approved version of SpecsIntact and who do not need the new capabilities available in the current SI web release.

    1. After downloading this .zip file, unzip the contents into your "Documents" folder ("My Documents" under Windows XP), and then run the larger unzipped file, SpecsIntact32.exe. Note: You will have to run this file each time you need to use this version of SpecsIntact.
    2. The first time this software runs, it will ask you to accept the ThinApp license agreement.
    3. SpecsIntact will then prompt you to establish working directories and download or connect the UFGS master. If you already have the UFGS master in a SpecsIntact working directory, you can simply connect it after reestablishing the working directory in which it resides.
    4. We suggest that you immediately change the location of the SpecsIntact .ini files and the SI supplemental reference file to a folder to which you have write access. To do this, go to the SpecsIntact "Setup" menu, and then select "Options." At the "File Locations" tab, you can change the locations for both of these types of files.

For question, please contact SpecsIntact Technical Support: 321-867-8800  |   E-mail  |   specsintact.ksc.nasa.gov

Additional Resources

SpecsIntact Help Center provides access to the eLearning Modules, Installation and QuickStart Guides, Knowledge Base, and Online Help.

The SpecsIntact Knowledge Base is the first resource recommended for those who encounter any problems while using SpecsIntact, including those having problems publishing to Word or PDF formats.

Publishing to Word 2007 using SpecsIntact 

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