AFI 32-6001 Family Housing Management, with Changes 1-2 incorporated and Interim Change 3  


This IC complies with JFTR1010 (PDTATAC coordination #RR080925). This interim change revises AFI 32- 6001 by (1) clarifying rental charges for civilian employees assigned and occupying government-managed housing, (2) clarifying Table 3.1—Housing Eligibility Criteria, (3) clarifying sort order for the prestige housing waiting list, (4) adding new policy to give the surviving military spouse of a deceased military member the same housing retention as other surviving spouses, (5) adding new authorization for local moves for Armed Forces members or dependents forced to move from a private rental dwelling because property owner is under foreclosure action, (6) updating Table 5.1 to remove the American Red Cross position from closed Lajes Field, (7) revising Table 5.2—Housing Categories for Civilian Assignment, to add NSPS personnel, (8) identifying household goods (HHG) permissible for nontemporary storage (NTS), (9) adding new Table 11.1—GPMPDLA-NTS Eligibility Reference Guide with changes, and (10) renumbering paragraphs affected by this IC.

Federal Facility Criteria: