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Engineer Technical Letters (ETL) Index 07-10-2019  PDF
ETL 00-7 Fire Protection Engineering Criteria - Correlation of US and Host Nation Codes and Criteria, with Change 1 05-10-2000  PDF
ETL 00-9 Airblast Protection Retrofit for Unreinforced Concrete Masonry Walls 08-08-2000  PDF
ETL 01-18 Fire Protection Engineering Criteria - Electronic Equipment Installations 10-24-2001  PDF
ETL 02-10 Airblast Protection Retrofit of Lightweight Manufactured Structures (FOUO) 06-12-2002
ETL 02-19 Air Field Pavement Evaluation Standards and Procedures 11-12-2002  PDF
ETL 02-4 Airblast Protection Polymer Retrofit of Unreinforced Concrete Masonry Walls (FOUO) 06-12-2002
ETL 04-5 Design Recommendations for Potable Water System Security (FOUO) 08-20-2004
ETL 05-8 Use of Off-the-Shelf Concrete Admixtures as Cold Weather Admixture Systems (CWAS) 11-04-2005  PDF
ETL 06-2 Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Portland-Cement Concrete (PCC) Airfield Pavements 02-09-2006  PDF
ETL 06-4 Expedient Trim Pad Anchoring Systems 05-08-2006  PDF
ETL 07-10 Evaluation and Restoration of Folded Fiberglass Mats (FFM) 12-19-2007  PDF
ETL 07-6 Risk Assessment Procedure for Recycling Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Suffering from Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Airfield Pavement Structures 08-14-2007  PDF
ETL 08-1 Evaluation Criteria for Aged Asphalt Concrete (AC) Surfaces, with Change 1 02-08-2008  PDF
ETL 08-14 Structural Evaluation Procedure for Stabilized Soil-Surfaced Airfields 08-28-2008  PDF
ETL 08-3 Crater Repair Methods Using Rapid-Setting (RS) Materials (FOUO) 04-04-2008
ETL 09-2 Contingency Airfield Pavement Specifications 03-11-2009  PDF
ETL 10-3 Procedures and Acceptance Criteria for Protective Materials Resistant to 155 mm and Smaller Fragmenting Munitions 03-01-2010  PDF
ETL 10-5 Self-Help Pest and Vegetation Management Program 08-30-2010  PDF
ETL 11-15 Repairing and Backfilling Earthen Structures with Flowable Fill 08-01-2011  PDF
ETL 11-18 Small Arms Range Design and Construction 04-19-2011  PDF
ETL 11-27 Solar Lighting for Airfields 12-07-2011  PDF
ETL 11-28 Mandatory Review and Update of Record Drawings for Nuclear-Capable Weapons and Munitions Storage and Maintenance Facilities 12-07-2011  PDF
ETL 11-29 Use of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Fixtures in Airfield Lighting Systems on Air Force Installations and Enduring/Contingency Locations 12-22-2012  PDF
ETL 11-3 Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) 08-11-2011  PDF
ETL 11-4 Airfield Pavement Drainage Layers 12-13-2011  PDF
ETL 11-6 Utilities Reporting for Air Force Facilities 06-21-2011  PDF
ETL 11-8 Decision Criteria for Installing Vegetative Green Roofs at CONUS Installations 01-13-2011  PDF
ETL 12-1 Recommondations for Incorporating Water System Emergency Response Plan Requirements (FOUO) 01-13-2012
ETL 12-8 Contingency Aircraft Tie-Downs in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavements 01-18-2012  PDF
ETL 12-9 Personnel Certification Requirements for Inspection of Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) on Nuclear Weapons Maintenance, Handling, and Storage Facilities 04-13-2012  PDF
ETL 13-2 Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance of Semi-Permanent Wastewater Treatment Plants at Contingency Locations 05-20-2013  PDF
ETL 14-1 Construction and Operation and Maintenance Guidance for Storm Water Systems 08-07-2014  PDF
ETL 14-3 Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) for Airfield Pavements 08-18-2014  PDF
ETL 91-4 Site Selection Criteria for Fire Protection Training Areas 06-14-1991  PDF
ETL 97-5 Proportioning Concrete Mixtures with Graded Aggregates for Rigid Airfield Pavements, with Change 1 04-25-1997  PDF
ETL 97-9 Criteria and Guidance for C-17 Contingency Operations on Semi-Prepared Airfields 11-25-1997  PDF