Fitness Centers Design Guide  

Archive (Canceled)

This guidance implements construction policies and processes approved for Fitness Centers. These additional standards in conjunction with UFC 4-740-02 advance the goal of achieving consistent, enhanced quality facilities at all installations. Developing and implementing facilities to achieve fitness facility excellence will help sustain a strong,
productive, and viable Air Force.

This design guide is intended to:

  • Highlight guidelines and criteria that should be considered during the evaluation, planning, programming, and design processes.
  • Provide a consolidated listing of additional resources where more detailed information can be obtained.
  • Present an appropriate USAF image for fitness facilities by organizing criteria into a concise user-friendly format for evaluating new or renovated fitness facilities.

The information in this guide applies to the design of all new construction projects as well as to major and minor renovation projects at main operating bases and reserve bases. While the space allocation in the guide does not apply to stand-alone Air National Guard (ANG) bases, the information in the guide may be used to help design the ANG fitness rooms at these locations, i.e., identify type of flooring, space per equipment items, etc. Specifically, it provides guidelines for determining required spaces, technical requirements, installation location, site design, and fitness facility space design.

Federal Facility Criteria: 
Building Types: