Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Continuing Education Courses

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WBDG courses offer a range of educational content from an introduction to Whole Building Design concepts to more specific applications for design objectives, building types, and operations and maintenance. The content in the WBDG courses is developed by top experts in the fields of architecture, engineering, planning, facility management, and facility energy management, among others. So you can be assured that the information is up-to-date and relevant, and will inspire you to engage in the process of Whole Building Design, contributing to the stock of America's building.

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CourseApproved for AIA LUsApproved for GBCI CE Hours
WBDG01 The Integrated Design ProcessApproved 
WBDG02 Whole Building Approach to LaboratoriesApproved 
WBDG03 Planning for Secure BuildingsApproved 
WBDG04 Optimizing Operations and Maintenance (O&M)Approved 
WBDG05 Daylighting Principles and Strategies for Sustainable DesignApprovedApproved
WBDG06 Sustainable Roofing Design Considerations and ApplicationsApprovedApproved
WBDG07 Defining, Evaluating, and Selecting Green ProductsApprovedApproved
WBDG08 Principles and Goals of Accessible DesignApproved 
WBDG09 High-Performance EIFS for Sustainable ConstructionApprovedApproved
WBDG10 Seismic Design BasicsApproved 
WBDG11 Site Security Design Process and StrategiesApproved 
WBDG12 Window and Glazing Design Strategies for Sustainable DesignApprovedApproved
WBDG13 Strategies for Sustainable Historic PreservationApprovedApproved
WBDG14 Building Commissioning Principles and StrategiesApprovedApproved
WBDG15 Building Science BasicsApproved 
WBDG16: The Principles and Process for Conducting a Life-Cycle Cost AnalysisApproved 
WBDG17 Achieving Sustainable Site Design Through Low Impact Development PracticesApprovedApproved
WBDG18 An Integrated Approach to HVAC Design and PerformanceApproved 
WBDG19 Fuel Cells: Advanced Distributed GenerationApproved 
WBDG20 Managing Moisture in Building EnclosuresApproved 

Affiliate Courses

The following courses were produced by partner organizations and cover WBDG material as well as other related content areas.

CourseApproved for AIA LUsApproved for GBCI CE HoursApproved for PD Hours
NIA01 Mechanical Insulation Education & AwarenessApprovedApprovedApproved