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Ammunition and Explosive Storage Magazines

by Transystems Corporation (Compiled for the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC))

Steel Oval Arch, 421-80-03

Approval for New Construction ECM Designation Designer & Drawing Number Maximum Allowable Net Explosive Weight (NEW) Dimensions Door Opening DDESB Approval Date
YES 7-BAR COE 421-80-03 500,000 lb 28'-2" Max. Wide x
21'-0" Min. To
89'-0" Max. Long x
14'-11" (Max.) High
(1) Sliding 8'-0" Wide x 8'-0" High or 10'-0" Wide x 10'-0" 28-DEC-92

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Comments/Design Consideration -
Replaced 33-15-73. Arch design composed of a 1 gage (0.280 inch) corrugated steel arch.

The site-adapt Designer of Record shall ensure DoD and Army explosives safety requirements for Lightning Protection and Grounding are met. The Designer of Record shall obtain review support and technical concurrence of the site-adapt design from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville.
Steel Oval Arch 421-80-03

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