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Ammunition and Explosive Storage Magazines

by Transystems Corporation (Compiled for the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC))

RC Box - Earth-Covered Non-Propogating Explosives Storage Cabinet

Magazine MCE ECM Designation Designer & Drawing Number DDESB Approval Date
5 lbs TNT ECM Sandria National Laboratory RC Box, Earth-Covered Non-Propogating Explosives Storage Cabinet Unknown

Comments -
Sandria National Laboratories (SNL), Albuquerque, working with New Mexico Engineering Research Institute (NMERI), developed a design for non-propagating explosive storage cabinet capable of preventing propagation to an adjacent cabinet for 5 lbs. TNT. The design was to be incorporated into ECM housing 20 such cabinets (2 rows with 10 back to back) with the MCE remaining 5 lbs NEW. A maze is provided to stop the door and other devices and to attenuate blast effects. A description of the development program and testing results can be found in Sandia Report SAND90-1906, dated August 1991, "Development of a Non-Propagating Explosives Storage Cabinet". Due to insufficient data, the default QD will need to be used, until such time as additional information is made available.

Magazines (Earth-Covered and Above Ground) and Containers with Reduced News and/or Reduced QD