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Ammunition and Explosive Storage Magazines

by Transystems Corporation (Compiled for the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC))

Metal Cylindrical Vessel, NABCO PTCV

Magazine MCE ECM Designation Designer & Drawing Number DDESB Approval Date
2.25 Above Ground NABCO, Inc. Metal Cylindrical vessel with elliptical heads, both ends - NABCO Portable Total Containment Vessel (PTCV) 18-Jun-04

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Refer to the DDESB approval memo for restrictions and conditions associated with the use of the NABCO PTCV. Manufactured by NABCO, Inc.,of Pittsburg, PA. The PTCV is a dual-vessel containment system approved for containment of an internal detonation of 2.25 lbs NEW of non-primary fragment producing HD 1.1 (e.g, bulk explosives). After explosives are placed into the PCTV, a lever attached inner vessel is rotated 180 degrees in order to seal off the opening. Pressures from an internal detonation are slowly released from around the door seal. The IBD, PTR, ILD, and IMD is 3 foot.

Magazines (Earth-Covered and Above Ground) and Containers with Reduced News and/or Reduced QD