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Ammunition and Explosive Storage Magazines

by Transystems Corporation (Compiled for the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC))

Metal Box GOLAN 15 Protectainer

Magazine MCE ECM Designation Designer & Drawing Number DDESB Approval Date
33 (NEW) Above Ground Israeli Company Metal cylindrical vessel with elliptical heads, both ends GOLAN 15 Protectainer 30 Sept 2004

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Comments -
Refer to the DDESB approval memo for restrictions and conditions associated with the use of the GOLAN 15. Manufactured by Koors Metals Ltd of Israel. The U.S. distributor is Mistral Security, Inc. NAVFACENGCOM maintains the design drawings and specifications for this container. The GOLAN 15 Protectainer is designed to contain/limit explosion effects from an internal detonation of 15kg (33 lbs Net explosive weight). It has an internal fragment defeating liner, but it has munition diameter limitations associated with it. Internal pressures are vented slowly through 2 vents in the bottom and around the door. Based on testing the DDESB has approved reduced QD of 4 feet IBC, PTRD, and ILD subject to the restriction of the DDESB approval letter.

Designer Considerations -
The GOLAN 15, manufactured by Mistral Security, Inc., is approved for storage of fragmenting munitions with diameters up to 1.6 inches (40mm) and explosives materials up to 33-pounds, NEW subject to the restriction of the DDESB approval letter. A minimum standoff of 29 inches shall be maintained for explosives from the nearest interior wall or door. The minimum intermagazine distance from any PES that does not totally contain blast hazards to an ES Golan container shall be based on K6. Use of these containers will be in accordance with the DDESB approval memos.

Magazines (Earth-Covered and Above Ground) and Containers with Reduced News and/or Reduced QD