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Ammunition and Explosive Storage Magazines

by Transystems Corporation (Compiled for the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC))

Last updated: 04-21-2014

ECM No Longer Approved for New Construction, but Still in Use

DescriptionDrawing NumberRelationship to Other Drawings
Steel Arch1059128-1059130 Modifications 1059132, 1069906, 1355460 and 1355461Reference 1351905
RC Box, Type 'A'1404000-1404007Supersedes 749771-749774 and 793751
RC Box Type 'B'1404018-1404025 and 952132-952134Supersedes 952127-952131 and 952135
RC Box Type 'C'1404430-1404444Superseded by 14004689-14004720 and 14005091-14005122
Steel Oval Arch1404026-1404034 
Steel Arch1404328-1404342Supersedes 1059128-1059130, 1059132, 1069906 and 1355460-1355461
RC Box, Type 'D'1404465-1404478Superseded by 6448522-6448554 and 6448555-6448588
RC Box, Type 'D'6448522-6448554Superseded by 14021368-14021404 and 14021406-14021444
RC Box, Type 'F'1404541-1404555Superseded by 6448589-6448621
RC FRELOC Stradley219-25-321Based on 33-15-74
RC Stradley33-03-0028Based on 33-15-61
RC FRELOC Stradley33-03-31Similar to 33-15-61
RC Arch33-03-43Compared to 33-15-61 and 33-15-64
RC Stradley33-13-02Revision of 33-15-06
RC Stradley33-15-01Consistent with AW33-15-01
RC StradleyAW33-15-01 
RC ArchAW33-15-02 
Steel, Oval Arch33-15-02 
RC Arch33-15-02 
RC Stradley33-15-03Similar to 33-15-01
Steel Oval Arch33-15-04Similar to 33-15-02
RC Arch33-15-06Previously called the "YURT" Magazine, this design Superseded drawings 652-686 through 652-693 and 33-15-01
RC FRELOC Stradley33-15-13 
Modified FRELOC Stradley (Steel Oval Arch)33-15-15 
RC FRELOC Stradley33-15-16Also known as Type 16 Magazine Corrected deficiencies with 33-15-14
Steel Arch33-15-208 
Steel Arch33-15-28 
RC Stradley33-15-58Replaced YT-1-1 through YT-111 Constructed in accordance with 33-15-58 and 33-15-61
RC Stradley33-15-61Replaced YT-1-1 through YT-111 Constructed in accordance with 33-15-58 and 33-15-61
RC Stradley33-15-61-6Similar to 33-15-61
N/A33-15-62Applies to 33-15-01, 33-15-06 ad 652-686 through 652-692
Steel, Semi-Circular ArchAW33-15-63 
Steel ArchAW33-15-64 
Steel, Semi-Circular ArchAD33-15-67R2Construct in accordance with AW 33-15-63
Steel, Semi-Circular ArchAD33-15-68R2Construct in accordance with AW 33-15-63
Steel, Semi-Circular ArchAD33-15-69R2Construct in accordance with AW 33-15-63
Steel, Semi-Circular ArchAD33-15-70R1Construct in accordance with AW 33-15-64
Steel, Oval Arch33-15-73Superseded 421-80-01. Approved as substitute for AW 33-15-64
RC FRELOC Stradley33-15-74Superseded by 421-80-09
RC Arch33-31-01 
RC Arch33-31 (JCASE)-01 
RC ArchFI-350 through FI-356 
RC Arch357428-357430 modified IAW OCE drawing 626739 
Steel, Semi-Circular Arch421-80-01 
Composite Box421-80-02 
RC Box421-80-06 (Modified)Replaced by 421-80-07
RC Stradley422-264-001Based on AW33-15-01
'M'-Type RC Box4374567 through 4374578Supersedes 8027514 through 8027532
RC Arch5167368 through 5167413 
RC Arch, Type '1'627954 through 627957, 751861, 764597, 793747Originally Y&D 817104
RC Arch652-686 through 652-692Superseded by 33-15-01
RC Dome6521000 through 6521010Also called a Corbetta, Beehive or Dome Magazine
RC Arch658384 through 658388, modifications 724368, 764596 and 793746Superseded by 1404310 through 1404324 and Y&D 817103
RC Stradley725738-725746Similar to 33-13-02
RC Box8027514 through 8027532Replaced by 10400001 through 10400027
RC Arch8150917 through 8150988Similar to Huntsville Type 652-1012 through 652-1014 and 5167380 through 5167413
Modified RC StradleyIncirlik, Turkey (Cephane Deposu) ECM 
RC ArchIncirlik Turkey ECM 
RC ArchLone Star AAP ECMSimilar to 33-15-06
RC BoxModular Storage Magazine (MSM)Replaced by 421-80-08
RC Portal TypeMunitionslagerhause (MLH) 25 
RC BoxMunitionslagerhause (MLH) 30 
RC BoxMunitionslagerhause (MLH) 50 
RC BoxMunitionslagerhause (MLH) 60B 
RC BoxMunitionslagerhause (MLH) 148, Dwg 41214 
RC StradleyVolkel (Netherlands) ECM 

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