EV Site Assessment  

Education Type: 
Live On-Site
8 Hours
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)

AEP Ohio - Transmission
700 Morrison Rd
Gahana, OH 43230



0.8 CEUs

This regional training session, hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, is designed to provide fleet managers and coordinators with the skills and knowledge to become subject matter experts in electric vehicle (EV) implementation. This one–day training will serve as an introduction to EV technology and offer considerations for EV supply equipment (EVSE) installation. After taking this course, attendees will be able to select the best EVs for their fleet, as well as be able to plan for and install the necessary EVSE to serve the needs of these new vehicles.


Jesse Bennett, NREL  

Jesse works in vehicle technology integration, helping fleets implement electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment. He performs site visits, makes implementation recommendations, trouble–shoots electric vehicle fleet projects, and develops training sessions for fleets. Prior to joining NREL, Jesse worked as a materials and standards engineer with Duquesne Light Company, where he developed standard construction drawings and material specifications for a broad range of electric distribution equipment such as transformers, switches, and cable. He also received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University and is currently working to become a licensed professional engineer.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, attendees will understand:

  • Fleet incentives and requirements;
  • The basics of electric vehicle technology;
  • GSA options;
  • How to perform basic EV site assessments; and
  • How to best implement EV programs.
Federal Agencies and Facility Criteria: