Introduction to 50001 Ready and Navigator  

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.5 Hour
2:00PM - 2:30PM (EST)

Are you curious about 50001 Ready Implementation? How to construct a management practice
that supports continual energy improvement? Do you seek a strategy for pulling together all of your energy management compliance work? Join us to learn about the 50001 Ready program. We will define strategic energy management, discuss the difference between ISO 50001 and 50001 Ready, and take a look at how to get started with strategic energy management using the 50001 Ready Navigator.


Jerrilyn Goldberg, CEM, MBA, Research Associate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  

Jerrilyn Goldberg is a research associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she conducts research on organizational adoption of corporate energy management systems. Her work examines the impacts of program messaging on system implementation, with attention to sector-specific value drivers. She also leads outreach for FEMP's support of federal adoption of 50001 Ready using the DOE-developed 50001 Ready Navigator.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn:

  • What strategic energy management is;
  • The difference between ISO 50001 certification and 50001 Ready recognition;
  • Where to find additional resources about 50001 Ready and the 50001 Ready Navigator; and
  • How to sign up and initiate a project in the 50001 Ready Navigator.