Project Financing through Energy Savings Performance Contracts  


This series covers Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) as a contracting vehicle to fund and implement energy conservation measures and make energy improvements at Federal facilities, including:

  • Basics of an ESPC, including definitions, scope, authorizing legislation, financing arrangements, project team roles, and key contracting documents;
  • The Five Phases of ESPC development — from planning to performance period and close-out;
  • The importance of measurements and verification (M&V) to a successful ESPC project, including M&V concepts, how guarantees are met, and the definition of savings; and
  • The role of the Risk, Responsibility, and Performance Matrix (RRPM) in summarizing and assigning risks and/or responsibilities to the ESCO, agency, or both..


Course Level
FEMP14 Measurement and Verification in ESPCs Intermediate
FEMP15a Energy Savings Performance Contracting: An Advanced Guide Intermediate
FEMP20 Energy Savings Performance Contracts: Five Phases to Success! Intermediate

Certicate Request

To obtain a Series Certificate after completing the set of courses, print your transcript from the new WBDG continuing education system and submit your information from the FEMP Series Certificate Request Form. Upon submittal your information will be forwarded to a FEMP representative. Once the completion record is verified, you will receive your certificate via email.