Data Center Energy Efficiency  


This series covers best practices to achieve high performance, energy efficient data centers, including how to:

  • Maximize savings through software and IT efficiency;
  • Optimize environmental conditions for energy savings;
  • Construct air management systems for optimal temperature and airflow;
  • Evaluate and select cooling system options to best meet the needs of your equipment and facility; and
  • Minimize electrical loss from power conversions, lighting systems, and motors and drives.


Course Level
FEMP39 Data Center Energy Efficiency: IT Equipment and Software Efficiency Intermediate
FEMP40 Data Center Energy Efficiency: Environmental Conditions Intermediate
FEMP41 Data Center Energy Efficiency: Air Management Intermediate
FEMP42 Data Center Energy Efficiency: Cooling Systems Intermediate
FEMP43 Data Center Energy Efficiency: Electrical Systems Intermediate
FEMPFTS29 Data Center Energy Efficiency Best Practices Intermediate

Certicate Request

To obtain a Series Certificate after completing the set of courses, print your transcript from the new WBDG continuing education system and submit your information from the FEMP Series Certificate Request Form. Upon submittal your information will be forwarded to a FEMP representative. Once the completion record is verified, you will receive your certificate via email.

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