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DOE Standards

These documents are available in the following format:
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Title Date Downloads
DOE-STD-1020 Natural Phenomena Hazards Design and Evaluation Criteria for Department of Energy Facilities 01-2002 1.1 MB
DOE-STD-1021 Natural Phenomena Hazards Performance Categorization Guidelines for Structures, Systems, and Components, with Change 1 (1/96) and Errata (4/02) 07-1993 135 KB
DOE-STD-1022 Natural Phenomena Hazards Site Characterization Criteria, with Change 1 (1/96) and Errata (4/02) 03-1994 236 KB
DOE-STD-1023 Natural Phenomena Hazards Assessment Criteria, with Change 1 (1/96) and Errata (4/02) 03-1995 189 KB